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Welcome to the 2017 horoscopes.

See your individual horoscope for cosmic highlights into what the New Year holds in store for you.

Please read the horoscopes for both your Sun sign and your rising sign.

Aries ♈︎

Mars, the feisty warrior planet and your planetary ruler, will make his two yearly visit to your sign on 28th January and remain until 10th March. Whilst your ruler is in his home sign your natural competitive, driven and pioneering spirit will be working at its best. Putting words into action is the theme here in the fastest way possible otherwise you may feel impatient and irritable. This is the best time for getting things done as your energy will be boosted and you will be at your most spontaneous and forward thinking.

Jupiter, the planet of joy and possibilities, will remain in your opposite sign, Libra, until 10th October. Business and love relationships will benefit from this expansive energy and you can establish a solid relationship during this transit. Legal matters and relationship disputes can be resolved under this influence. Jupiter will make its annual sign change on 10th October when it enters Scorpio. Benefits may be forthcoming in areas of joint resources, finances and shared power. Healing activities are favoured and achievement of spiritual contentment.

New Moon in Aries - 28th March 2017 Full Moon in Aries - 5th October 2017

Taurus ♉︎

Venus, the planet of love and charm and your planetary ruler, will turn retrograde on 4th March until 15th April. This transit will bring up unresolved past issues that have been ignored. The aim of this cycle is to review and reflect on that which you are passionate about in order to bring about resolution and clarity when the retrograde cycle ends. This transit is concerned with relationships, past and present, legal cases and spiritual activities. Venus will enter your own sign on 6th June until 5th July. You will feel more co-operative and compromising with a passion to indulge the senses.

Jupiter, the planet of joy and luck, will remain in your work and health zone until 10th October. This is a good period for job opportunities and having the freedom to work in your own way. Headway can be made with health issues and life style routines.

New Moon in Taurus – 26th April Full Moon in Taurus – 4th November

Gemini ♊︎

Mercury, the Lord of communication and your planetary ruler, will enter your sign on 6th June and remain until 21st June. This is where Mercury feels at home and his influence is at its peak and will mark a time for information gathering and intellectual activities. Clarity can be found in negotiations and contracts and you are able to see things from different perspectives more than usual. Jupiter, the planet of joy, will remain in fellow air sign Libra until 10th October. This is an especially creative time and you will feel more inclined to express yourself creatively without feeling inhibited.

Jupiter placed here can inspire romantic relationships and they can be fulfilling and help to expand your life experiences. During this transit activity surrounding children may increase and relationships can be strengthened. Jupiter will enter Scorpio on 10th October bringing improvements to work and health routines.

New Moon in Gemini – 25th May Full Moon in Gemini – 3rd December

Cancer ♋︎

The Moon naturally rules your sign and there will be a set of eclipses occurring during February and August in your finance sector. Issues of sharing and joint ownership will be under the spotlight and striking a balance between your needs to feel secure and those of your partner. You may be called upon for support from loved ones drawing upon your natural nurturing skills. Healing activities may increase and your intuitive abilities will be heightened around the times of the eclipses.

Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Leo – 11th February & Aquarius - 7th August

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces – 26th February & Leo – 21st August

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and joy, will remain in your home and family zone until 10th October. This is the area that your sign naturally rules. Improvements surrounding home, family and property matters are likely during this placement. Changes and improvements to your living space are favoured as well as new additions to the family and resolving family disputes. Jupiter will enter Scorpio on 10th October and you can feel more confident in ways of self-expression.

New Moon in Cancer – 24th June Full Moon in Cancer – 12th January

Leo ♌︎

The full moon Lunar eclipse in your sign on 11th February will bring closure to a situation or project and you can rearrange your ideas and decide how to move forward using your experiences to make improvements. There will be two consecutive New Moons in your sign this year. Firstly on 23rd July followed by the New Moon Solar eclipse on 21st August. Both of these will be more powerful with Mars, the fiery planet of action, also in your sign. These placements will mark the start of a new journey or venture incorporating the changes made at the Lunar eclipse. The first New moon can be used as a dress rehearsal for the more powerful Solar Eclipse and with Mars in the mix you will have the drive and stamina to move forward together with your natural courage and ambition.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, will remain in your communication zone until 10th October. You can be confident and enthusiastic with your ideas. Opportunities for travel, teaching and learning are favoured. Jupiter will enter Scorpio on 10th October placing a focus on improvements surrounding your living space and increased sense of security.

New Moon in Leo – 23rd July New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo – 21st August Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo – 11th February

Virgo ♍︎

Mercury, the Lord of communication and your planetary ruler, will be in your sign from 25th July to 31st August and then again from 10th September until 30th September. This is a longer stay than usual as Mercury will turn retrograde and he will travel back into your sign for a second visit. Your natural ability to analyse and focus on the details will be at its peak but keep your perspective on the bigger picture too. Express your thought and be clear about your needs. This is an excellent time for work involving one-to-one communication of all types and you may be turned to for advice more than usual. Use the Mercury retrograde period 13th August to 5th September to review your recent ideas and projects in order to perfect them.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and joy, will remain in your money and security zone until 10th October. This influence will emphasise the importance of improving your self-worth. Making money through expanding your talents is favoured but be cautious when taking risks. Jupiter will enter your communication sector on 10th October bringing opportunities for further learning or teaching and networking.

New Moon in Virgo 20th September Full Moon in Virgo 12th March

Libra ♎︎

Venus, the planet of Love and your planetary ruler, will enter your relationship zone and opposite sign on 3rd February until 3rd April and then again on 28th April until 6th June. This longer stay is due to Venus’s retrograde cycle when she travels back to revisit that sector. The emphasis here is on close relationships and your natural ability for compromise and harmony will be at its peak. New committed relationships are favoured and existing relationships can move to the next level. There is a tendency to gloss over any potential disagreements with this transit and, if so, the retrograde period will provide the best time for review and readjustment to avoid resentment later on.

Jupiter, the planet of joy, will remain in your sign until 10th October. Your confidence and optimism will increase during this cycle and you are able to see the bigger picture. Opportunities to stretch yourself through further learning, travel and increased spiritual activities are favoured. Jupiter will enter your money zone on 10th October bringing chances to boost your finances through using your natural talents.

New Moon in Libra – 19th October Full Moon in Libra – 11th April

Scorpio ♏︎

The full moon Lunar Eclipse on 11th February will occur in your career and public image zone. Unexpected job opportunities, promotion or reviewing the path you are on are favoured here. You can strive to express yourself more in the work you do showing your natural talents and being recognised for them.

Mars, the fiery planet of action and your traditional planetary ruler, will enter your opposite sign on 10th March until 21st April in your relationship zone. This will be a time for disagreements and speedy resolutions in your business and personal relationships as you are driven to compromise and maintain harmony with this placement. Jupiter, the planet of joy, will remain in your spiritual zone until 10th October. This a time for spiritual renewal and you may be drawn to learning more about spiritual matters or acting as a spiritual mentor for others. Jupiter will enter your own sign on 10th October marking the start of a cycle of growth in your life. This is a time for learning, new experiences and discovering what you can accomplish.

New Moon in Scorpio – 18th November Full Moon in Scorpio – 10th May

Sagittarius ♐︎

Mercury, the ruler of communication, will revisit your sign on 4th January during his retrograde cycle. This will bring an opportunity for re-evaluation or re-adjustment to a situation or project ready to move forward on 8th January when Mercury turns direct.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and your planetary ruler, will remain in your social sector until 10th October. Involvement in group activities may be stepped up during this period and you can realise your self-identity in a group setting. This placement favours opportunities to join or set up networks and groups or becoming a mentor or leader.

Jupiter will enter your spiritual zone on 10th October and this will mark a time to work on your beliefs and spiritual path. During this transit you may meet a new spiritual teacher or guide or you may take on this role for others. This is also a period of reflection and retreat in readiness for when Jupiter enters your own sign and the start of a new self-growth cycle begins.

New Moon in Sagittarius – 18th December Full Moon in Sagittarius – 9th June

Capricorn ♑︎

Saturn, the Lord of self-mastery and your planetary ruler, will remain in your spiritual zone for most of the year until 19th December. This placement is concerned with clearing out that which no longer serves its purpose for future growth and development. The theme of this transit is endings relating to outdated relationships, possessions, fears and emotions. Saturn will enter your own sign on 19th December and where he works best beginning a cycle of building your inner strength and self-confidence.

Jupiter, the planet of joy, will remain in your career zone until 10th October. This is an excellent placement for you as this is the sector your sign naturally rules. Job opportunities, promotion and recognition can come easily during this transit. You are naturally ambitious and Jupiter in this position will increase your ability to reach your goals.

Next New Moon in Capricorn – 16th January 2018 Full Moon in Capricorn – 9th July

Aquarius ♒︎

The full moon Lunar Eclipse on 11th February will occur in your opposite sign and relationship zone. This will bring up issues of balancing your needs with those of your partner. If without resolution this theme will be echoed at the partial lunar eclipse in your own sign on 7th August. There may be a tendency for you to feel hemmed in if your partner demands too much attention as freedom is of paramount importance for you. Your need for independence may be tested here but this placement is open to compromise and co-operation.

Jupiter, the planet of joy, will remain in your adventure sector until 10th October and this is the area Jupiter naturally rules. All sorts of opportunities may crop up to expand your horizons during this transit involving travel and honing in on your talents and skills with a renewed enthusiasm. You may see things from a different perspective which takes you down a new path altogether. Jupiter will enter your career and public image zone on 10th October and your hard work will begin to reap rewards.

New Moon in Aquarius - 28th January Full Moon partial Lunar eclipse – 7th August

Pisces ♓︎

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign will occur in your sign on 26th February. Changes in how you present yourself will continue under this influence and a deepening in a close relationship will also reflect these changes.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and joy, will remain in your transformation zone until 10th October. This placement will bring a chance for you feel empowered and obtain a feeling of self-mastery and this may be achieved through a serious relationship involving merging resources or expansion of your healing and intuitive abilities in order to help others. Jupiter will enter the zone he naturally rules on 10th October bringing new life experiences and encouraging your sense of adventure. Teaching and learning activities can move to another level and you may learn something new or teach and mentor in a different way.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces – 26th February Full Moon in Pisces – 6th September

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