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The Moon is the earth’s only satellite. It always shows the same face to earth and is the second brightest celestial object in the sky (after the Sun). The Moon’s gravitational influence produces the Ocean Tides.


As the Moon rules the ebbing and flowing of the sea, so it rules our ever changing emotions. The Moon influences how we respond and react, our home and hearth, our family and roots, how we feel, our mood swings, our instincts, our needs in order to feel secure, our basic habits, our unconscious and our intuition.

The Moon is a feminine energy and is associated with the mother. Where the Moon resides in our birth chart will describe how we have been nurtured as a child and our relationship with our mother figure. This position will also give insight into our inner child and what we need to feel safe and secure and the area of our life where we feel most ‘at home’. It also indicates how we perceive home, family and roots and how we relate to that environment.

The Moon represents our sub conscious and is a memory store that extends back into other lifetimes.

The Moon brings the past into our lives and the Sun reflects the present.


The transiting Moon takes on average 29½ days to orbit the earth and spends about 2½ days in a zodiac sign. Therefore, the speed of the Moon’s orbit means that its effects, when in aspect to our natal planets, are only felt for a couple of hours. These effects are usually experienced as mood changes or passing emotions.

However, exceptions to this are when we experience a new moon or a full moon as the influence upon our natal chart can be felt for 1 to 4 weeks. The effect of an eclipse on a natal planet can be felt for several months.


Key words:

Beginnings, initiation, create, manifest, action, optimism, wishes, possibilities, renewal, birth, impulsive, spontaneous, fertility.


Key words:

Endings, emotions, culminations, intensity, completion, realization, epiphany, fulfillment, illumination.


In Greek mythology, Selene is the Goddess of the Moon. Her Roman equivalent is Luna and her brother is the Sun -God Helios. Selene was regarded as the personification of the Moon and was associated with Artemis and Hecate as the Triple Goddess symbolising the phases of the Moon. The three female figures are frequently described as the Maiden (Artemis), the Mother (Selene) and the Crone (Hecate).

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